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Efficient Solar PV Panels for Your Home in Kidlington, Oxfordshire

Boost your home’s energy efficiency and cut your electrical bills. Ring A1 Contracting Ltd of Kidlington, Oxfordshire, for reliable solar PV panel fitting for your household. PV stands for photovoltaics, which means the conversion of sunlight into electricity.

Solar PV installations

Call us in for a free quote and survey to see how we can help cut your energy costs. A1 Contracting Ltd install solar panels on your roof, or mount them on the ground.

Incredible Benefits

Solar panels essentially provide free electricity. South-facing roofs are typically the most effective roof to have refurbished with PV panels.

After your fitting, you’ll receive a feed-in tariff from the government, which is a subsidy that offers an encouragement to use solar panels to generate electricity. Imagine cutting your own household bills and being paid to do it!

Installation Process & Details

First, we install roof anchors and once they are in place, the next step is to fit mounting rails.  Our installers fix the solar panels onto the rails. Your new solar panels are made of silicone, and convert sunlight into DC voltage electrical energy.

Your newly installed inverter then changes the DC to AC voltage, and this is synchronised into electricity which enters the power grid through your panels. The end result is electricity that you receive money for.

Safe & Helpful Setup

A1 Contracting’s installations are built using scaffolding, as part of both health and safety, and good practice requirements. Your installation will typically take a couple of days. After you’ve called for your free quote, you get a seven-day cooling-off period from making the agreement. We’ll purchase the panels after that point.

Our company is accredited with RECC and MCS, which means that we follow codes of practice that ensure a structured and fair process for quoting and surveying. Call now for more details.

An Effective Modern Solution

Find out why more and more people are turning to popular solar PV installations. With fuel costs seemingly always on the rise, A1 Contracting’s panels are incredibly popular. Call us now to gain free energy and subsidised payments.

Contact A1 Contracting Ltd for efficient solar PV panels that deliver power and reduced running costs to your home.